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I work integratively and use any of the following methods of working - my approach is tailored to what you need. 


Psychotherapy is the healing of the mind through the therapeutic relationship. By gaining an understanding of how certain patterns of responding have developed, we can create space to heal and develop new ways of looking at and addressing your concerns. My integrative approach combines a psychodynamic understanding of human development and behaviour with a humanistic, person-centred focus in the here and now. Psychotherapy is normally a longer term ongoing arrangement.

Counselling covers a different depth of work, where concerns may not need the same level of examination. You may be suffering a loss or change which needs to be processed with an empathic other. For example, bereavement, redundancy, divorce or unexplained panic attacks, are areas which might call for this approach. Counselling tends to be over a time-limited period, but could extend to long-term if needed. I approach your concerns from an integrative perspective and use psychodynamic, humanistic, CBT and solution-focussed interventions, as appropriate to your individual needs.

Coaching brings the focus more directly on what you want to achieve in the present and future with less emphasis on the past, although this may inevitably play a part. We work together to identify manageable goals using a combination of enquiry, mapping and exercises to explore problem areas and ways to overcome them. If you are clear on your desired goal and the concerns you face are practical (e.g. business or career), this can be a very effective intervention. Coaching is normally time limited and is not necessarily weekly.


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